Aeryon Ashlie

A little about who I am…

As a young girl I was always very aware of my larger size and weight. Teased and bullied relentlessly in school, my parents home schooled me for a number of years. At 14 my life took a major turn in a conversation with a friend.  He shared his sister’s weight loss and his family’s duress over her eating disorder. All I heard was that she was skinny and ate whatever she wanted. Later that evening I tried my new diet trick but little did I know the endorphins would have me hooked. I had just embarked on the most exhausting 20-year battle of my life with Bulimia.

My eating disorder engrossed every part of my life from my teens to my 20’s. My fear of food and constant binging and purging consumed me. In my early 20’s I started competing in fitness shows where finally, or the first time, had my bulimia under control. However, once the show ended I would rebound back into the vicious cycle.

It was not until my monumental Ahha moment, that I truly embarked on my journey to finally having a healthy relationship with Food and my Body.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

My fear that my innocent daughter would follow in my footsteps and experience a life ridden with guilt and shame was the catalyst in creating my new reality. I dug deep and for the past 8 years I have engaged in courses, books, and conversations with family, friends, and professionals in creating a new story and relationship with food and my body.

Eating has always been my coping mechanism. Bringing awareness to my patterns was necessary in learning to let go of dieting.  I learned to start trusting my hunger cues and my emotional needs. Food no longer dominants my thoughts and I can fully say I have finally found a sense of balance and self love I never thought possible.

I feel called to share my story, with the hope that others will find encouragement and support in my books, talks and programs. Although you may not struggle with an eating disorder you may identify with the need to numb your feelings.

Learning to stand in your feelings, give them a voice and recognize your coping mechanism is one of the most powerful self-discoveries I have made.

Our household Mantra is “Go Be Brilliant”….