Mind, Body & Spirit Program



Have you tried every diet only to find yourself back where you started?

Are you tired of restrictive meal plans and excessive exercise programs?

Do you live in the land of “All or Nothing?” when it comes to food and your diet?

Are you ready to create lasting change?

After 25 years of countless diets and a frustration with results that never lasted I finally realized that diets do NOT work.

My goal is to teach you how to connect to your body, listen and acknowledge to your hunger cues, eat what and when you want and land in a place of sustainable health and wellness.

What I know for sure?

Food is not your enemy, your body is a gift and you deserve to live a life that is filled with vitality, energy, movement, self-love and good food.

I look forward to see you on the inside.

We Support the DEWC! 
With every program Purchase 5% of the Purchase price will go to Supporting the East Side Women’s Shelter.