5 Reasons to Rebound

5 Reasons to Rebound

Our bodies need exercise. Only a quarter of Americans actually do it. There are many reasons why people don’t work out, including busy schedules, tight budgets, pain, or they just don’t feel like it. It’s a good thing scientists have discovered the many benefits of jumping on a trampoline. It’s fun, and you can do it while you watch television or listen to music. Here are five reasons to rebound that far outweigh any objections that you could possibly think up.

1: Healthy Cells

The lymphatic system relies on body movement to work properly. It is responsible for moving nutrients to cells and taking waste away. When you don’t exercise, your cells languish in waste without the proper nourishment. Rebounding pumps up the lymph system, stimulating the lymph flow to organs and muscles, so your body is clean and well fed.

2: Less Cellulite

Say WHAT?? All the bouncing increases the lymphatic flow, which decreases cellulite in the body. Just a few short months of regular rebounding helps to get rid of cellulite. Why? It’s caused by a stagnant lymph system.

3: Stronger Bones

Jumping on a trampoline strengthens your cells and bones. The gravitational pull causes the body to get stronger, as it adjusts. Trillions of cells are moving while you rebound. Muscles and bones get stronger without risking injury to joints, making rebounding great for your skeleton.

4: Better Balance

Rebounding helps to balance, because jumping up and down makes the body react quicker. The exercise also stimulates the ear canal and ocular nerve, improving posture and coordination.

5: Improved Vision

Did you know that eyes are semi-muscular? Eyes need exercise too! Improve your vision with rebounding. Jumping on a trampoline helps to rejuvenate eye function and return its regular shape.

Rebounding is a low-impact way to improve your body’s health. When your body feels better, your mind feels better too. Increasing oxygen levels from the exercise benefit your brain. So, why are you waiting? It’s time to jump to it.