September is the New January

September is the New January

With summer holidays now behind us the last 2 months of cookouts, camping, beach time, and lack of schedule can often create challenges when trying to jump back in to your healthy eating and fitness routine. If you have children and extra curricular activities to attend, having a plan in place is incredibly important.

The following are 5 tips I use in order to ensure the remainder of the year falls in line with my health and wellness goals.

1: First I take a moment and prioritize what is important for the remainder of the year. How do I want the remainder of 2018 to look?  I take a moment to write a list of my weekly and monthly goals.

2: Each day I set my alarm 2 min earlier, then take those couple minutes to lay in bed and visualize how my day will unfold.

3: I schedule my workouts into my calendar as an appointment. When my daughter is in her activities I book my own time to train to utilize those moments. For example when she is at field hockey I bring my resistance bands and do the stadium stairs.

4: Planning our menu for the week with such ideas as

Meatless Monday

Taco Tuesday

Waffle Wednesday (breakfast for dinner)

Turkey Thursday

Finger Food Friday

Soup Saturday

Slow Cooker Sunday

Spending valuable dinner moments with your family and to create healthy nutritious meals together is an opportunity to connect and learn healthy food choices.

5: For those days when I’m not able to workout, take advantage of those extra moments to move my body. For example air squats when brushing my teeth or challenging my daughter to push-ups during our favorite tv commercial.

The end goal is to ensure Health and Wellness becomes an important part of our day to day routine and in creating new lifestyle habits we can be a positive example to those around us.